Contact Lenses 

State of the Art. Wavefront Diagnostics.

Each patient deserves the best in contact lenses.  We combine Wavefront testing with Digital prescriptions to ensure you have the most accurate lenses available. 

Contact Lens Evaluation

Your contact lens evaluation will optimize hundreds of combinations of contact lens types, materials, shapes, sizes and powers to best fit your needs.  We offer contact lenses for all wearing preferences, ranging from daily wear, astigmatism, bifocals and cosmetic, color lenses.

Cornea Refractive Therapy

Cornea Refractive Therapy (CRT) is the latest in non-surgical, corrective option for patients that are looking for an alternative to eyeglasses, contact lenses or LASIK.  Instead of wearing a contact lens throughout the day, a CRT lens is worn while sleeping. It reshapes the cornea while you sleep so that you can enjoy clear, natural vision each day. 

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