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RF or Radio Frequency reaches different layers of the eyelid and skin to target blood circulation, collagen production and the meibomian glands. 

RF Dry Eye


See and Feel Results. 

Radio Frequency (RF):

The benefits of RF are well known around the med spa and aesthetic world.  It has a proven ability to deliver precise energy (heat) in the form of radio frequency to specific depths of the skin that allows it to boost collagen to firm and tighten the skin.


Radio Frequency is a unique to eye care because of its ability to be used around the eyelids, especially when targeting the meibomian glands. This is done by using specific delivery methods around the delicate space. 

Not only will you benefit from the relief it gives from the symptoms of MGD or meibomian gland dysfunction but your family and friends will see the difference in your eyes youthfulness. 

RF Dry Eyes

RF highlights: 

RF is used to improve meibomian gland functionality and enhance collagen production.  

- No "downtime" following your 20 minute, relaxing treatment.

- Unblocks the oil glands to restore a healthier tear flow.

- Energy applied to specific depth and precise temperature is the key. 

- Can be a standalone treatment or paired with IPL for the best in dry eye healing. 


- Added benefit of collagen and elastin tightening for rejuvenated skin helping fine lines and eyelid lifting.

RF dry eye diagram
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